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The General Assembly Report

Discover what was discussed in the most recent General Assembly.

Nov 26, 2016

The General Assembly on Nov. 20 saw the election of two additional members to the Board of Appeals and the review and passage of the BoA’s Rules and Procedures.
The GA started off by electing sophomore Bence Almási and junior Nick Chaubey.
The most contentious topic in reviewing the Rules and Procedures of the BoA was the extent to which a student bringing a petition to the BoA should be granted anonymity. The GA debated whether or not this would allow fictitious petitions and whether a petitionee should be able to know the identity of the petitioner.
After a majority vote to pass the Rules and Procedures of the BoA, another vote passed to require that any amendments to the BoA’s Rules and Procedures must be voted on in the GA after they are proposed.
Although the GA also planned to discuss the upcoming Global Governance Conference in New York with the Global Affairs committee, the discussion was postponed until the next GA due to a lack of time and the absence of Global Vice President Patrick Wee.
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