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Board of Appeals Rules on Case involving Global Vice President

The Board of Appeals releases decision to prohibit Global Vice President from performing his other duties as Senator-at-Large.

Feb 5, 2017

On Jan. 25, the NYU Abu Dhabi Board of Appeals released its decision on the case of John Doe v. Global Vice President. The Board ruled in favor of the petitioner, and prohibited Global Vice President Patrick Wee, Class of 2017, from performing any duties related to his position as Senator-at-Large.
The petition which began this process was submitted on May 1, with the petitioner asserting their right to anonymity. The petitioner alleged that there was a conflict of interest as the Global Vice President of the NYUAD Student Government simultaneously served as the Global Vice President within the NYUAD governance system and the Senator-at-Large, a position on the Student Senators Council, the body that represents students on the NYU University Senate.
In Bence Almási v. The General Assembly the BoA ruled that NYUAD Student Government is not subservient to the SSC, hence in this case the BoA found that "a candidate for Global Vice President … who already serves a position at the SSC, or any other governing body inside the NYU Network is subject to conflict of interest."
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