Game of Toast 1

Photograph by Raunak Shrestha

AD Secrets: Game of Toast

Step into a new world while enjoying a scrumptious sandwich in this Game of Thrones-themed restaurant in the city.

Feb 26, 2017

Game of Toast 1
One of the most sublime sandwich shops in the city comes with an added bonus – it’s Game of Thrones-themed. Only two weeks old, this tiny toast café has become an immensely popular hangout spot for foodies and fans of the show alike, particularly tourists. Open from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m., customers gather here for leisurely lunches or late-night conversations, a conducive environment to veer into heated speculations on the series’ theories and plot twists.
Inside, the walls are tastefully decorated with Game of Thrones memorabilia – swords, shields, a map of Westeros – while the show’s original soundtrack plays in the background. Customers excitedly document their visit on their smartphones. From the food to the music, this isn’t just a meal; it’s an immersive experience.
But Game of Toast is more than just a place for Game of Thrones fans to salivate over — any food lover will sigh with satisfaction after sampling one of their sandwiches. The menu is divided into three categories: House of Toasts, House of Rolls and House of Sides. The Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, in particular, is a must try, incorporating crispy chicken, American cheese, tomato, lettuce and extra spicy mayo. Other popular items include the Shrimp Roll, which is served incredibly tender, as well as the Steak and Cheese Roll.
Game of Toast 2
Photograph by Raunak Shrestha
“I wish we had this [at the dining hall] instead of Grab and Go,” said Raunak Shrestha, Class of 2020. “I’m so impressed. You can get everything within [the cost of] one meal swipe.”
All sandwiches and rolls cost 30 AED or less and provide an inexpensive, yet almost gourmet, dining experience. An extra 7 dirhams gets you a soft drink and side of French fries, fried onion rings or sweet potato fries. Every meal is served crispy, hot and fresh, prepared right in front of the customers.
As the restaurant can only seat a maximum of six people, NYU Abu Dhabi students can simply stop by for a quick takeaway toast while strolling around in this part of the city.
Game of Toast 3
Photograph by Raunak Shrestha
Game of Toast is located on 12th Street in the Darat Al Miyah area in Khalidiya, behind the Etisalat building and the Lebanon Flower Bakery. To get there, catch a taxi from campus and head towards Khalidiya Mall. From there, direct the cab driver to Zayed the First Street and turn right. The best way to find the restaurant from that point is on foot. Five minutes of walking and asking around should lead you there. Make sure to carry cash; the restaurant does not accept card payments.
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