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Feb 26, 2017

####Al Wahda Mall Opens Women’s Only Parking Area Over 80 pink parking bays in Al Wahda Mall are now reserved for women. The initiative was taken due to an increase in the number of female shoppers, and is an effort to get more women to visit the mall.
The mall is engaging in several marketing initiatives specifically directed toward women. Another initiative is H.E.R. TUESDAYS, in which special discounts and privileges are given to the female shoppers.
The women’s only parking area can be found on the ground floor of both the main hall and the extension area in slots GF 03-23 and GF 02-14, and follow the same rules and regulations as the mall’s regular parking slots.
####Police Warn Social Media Users About Sharing Fake News
On Feb. 23, the Abu Dhabi Police warned social media users about the potential effect of sharing incorrect information online. The warning was given after an incident in which a story about illegal fundraising activities, publicly stating the name of the suspects in the case, was shared on social media.
The UAE has fundraising laws that differ significantly from the home countries of many expats – fundraising has to go through charities registered within the respective Emirate.
The police corps warned that sharing such information is against the law and that social media users can be prosecuted under the Penal Code and Federal Law No. 5 of 2011 on countering cybercrimes.
####Vehicle Scanner Installed at Oman Border In order to provide both safety and convenience to tourists, Abu Dhabi installed a Z portal vehicle scanner at Al Ain’s Khatam Al Shiklah border crossing with Oman. The vehicle scanner scans everything from organic threats to weapons and drugs, and will therefore minimize security errors and increase safety. It scans around 120 cars per hour, increasing the effectiveness of the border crossing.
Along with helping tourists, the portal will also ease the commute of many people who live in Buraimi, Oman, and work in Al Ain.
The Z portal vehicle scanners are already in use in other Abu Dhabi customs centers, including the Ghuwaifat border crossing with Saudi Arabia.
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