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What does the NYUAD Community Think of Global Citizenship?

Bite-size opinions from Saadiyat.

Mar 5, 2017

The Thought Bubble is a new initiative by The Gazelle that brings together bite-size opinions. This week’s topic is the phrases Global Citizenship and Global Leadership.

Afeef Sahabdeen Class of 2017 "I think being a global citizen is another way of saying being open-minded and sensitive to alternative points of view. It is the willingness to learn about different cultures and opinions, and being able to listen to, and perhaps learn from those that you may not necessarily agree with."

Tabinah Faisal Class of 2019 “Global can mean applicable beyond national borders, and citizen implies an identity within borders. In that sense, it's a paradox, but an interesting one, as it means that we can practically belong anywhere. I think NYUAD aims to harbor within us the skills — if that is the appropriate term — and qualities, which will make us adapt to where-ever we go, or where ever we are. ...
I hope that as global citizens, we educate ourselves, through reading or hands-on experience, about different countries and cultures, and conclude that we can be different and right, but also different and wrong.

Gabriel Figueroa Torres Class of 2017 “I personally find it a very powerful idea: The idea of placing my identity with a global community above my identity as a citizen of a particular place. It is especially powerful and important at a time where plenty of nations are retreating inwards and closing borders. But again, there are plenty of things that should really be discussed in relationship to it. For example, how do we know that what we foster on campus is indeed global citizenship and not homogenizing globalization. Are we aware that our access to this Global Citizenship is tied to several other privileges that we’re fortunate to have access to while studying here? How can then we create a model to foster Global Citizenship that is more inclusive of diverse economic backgrounds?

John Scaccia Class of 2018 “The idea of global citizenship is a necessary development in human progress. As our world is increasingly becoming interconnected, the need for global responsibility coincides. ... The issues our world faces cannot be solved without cooperation. If we fail to possess a mindset of global citizenship, the issues of the next generation will be unsolvable.”
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