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Discover what's been happening this week at our sister campus, NYU Shanghai.

Apr 2, 2017

####NYU Shanghai Celebrates Women
On March 8, NYU Shanghai honored International Women’s Day with the photo project Celebrate Women that photographed the women of NYUSH along with items that empower them. Nicole Chan, Class of 2017, is one of the driving forces behind the project, along with fellow NYUSH students Brian Ho, Millie Wong, Dylan Wang, David Santiano, Meizhi Ng and other photographers around the world. The photo series was presented at the 60th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and will also be presented at Ladyfest Shanghai in collaboration with Lensational.
####Open Borders at NYUSH On March 7, the NYUSH art gallery hosted the opening of a new exhibition Borders: Us and Them, bringing together the works of five international artists to explore the meaning and implications of the borders — real and imagined — that exist today. Photographs of refugee camps along European borders and a video investigation of the sinking of the Left to Die refugee boat were just some of the exhibits that drew over 300 people to the opening night.
####New Safety Precautions for Jinqiao Green Center Residence Hall Beginning March 13, students living in the Jinqiao Green Center Residence Hall will have to comply with new security procedures. The gates to the residential complex have been outfitted with a security scanning system by the Green Center administration, and residents of the complex will have to tap their ID/NYU cards on a scanner to enter. Currently it is not clear what impact this rule will have on residents who forget to bring their NYU cards — or, more importantly, on the delivery drivers who are used to parking directly in front of the buildings.
####Supporting the Liberal Arts in Global Contexts As part of the global rise of liberal arts education, NYUSH hosted the Colloquium on Supporting the Liberal Arts in Global Contexts on March 10 and 11. NYU administrators, along with other international leaders in higher education, came together to discuss the changing future of the liberal arts, given that more and more countries outside of the U.S. are valuing a liberal education. The conference focused specifically on Asia, where universities like NYUSH and Yale-NUS are pioneering new educational models.
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