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Apr 2, 2017

####New Baggage Regulations in Dubai International Airport
Since March 8, new baggage regulations have come into effect for all travelers going through Dubai International Airport. Pieces of luggage without at least one flat surface will be rejected at the regular check-in and redirected to the oversize baggage counter. This includes excess baggage fees.
The reason for this change in policy is that bags which are irregularly shaped bog down the luggage handling process, often causing delays.
The recent policy change is an addition to the old rules, which are still in place. Therefore, luggage must also be under 90 centimeters long, 75 centimeters high and 60 centimeters wide, and must adhere to the weight limit specified by the respective airline.
####Drone flying affected by new civil aviation regulations
New civil aviation regulations have been passed in Dubai and drone owners risk fines if they do not adhere to them. Anyone who wishes to engage in any aviation activity in Dubai must now obtain a license from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. The license will be valid for a year and must be renewed within 30 days of expiry.
The Executive Council Resolution No. 4 of 2017 lists the range of potential violations and their respective fines. This includes a fine of up to 20,000 AED for using non-registered drones for commercial activities.
The complete list of violations can be found here.
####New boat rental website in Dubai The new boat rental website CharterClick, which gives people the opportunity to rent everything from 300 AED an hour fishing boats to 5,000 AED an hour yachts, is now online. The service has been compared to Uber, but the website resembles hotel and hostel portals. Boats can be rented by picking a time, date and duration followed by an online credit card payment. The boats come with at least one captain and some of the more expensive options include three crew members. CharterClick provides suggested routes for the cruises, but it is possible to tailor the route to your personal preference. It is also possible to rent a boat for several days and visit other emirates or neighbouring countries like Qatar and Oman.
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