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NYUSH Students Successfully Petition for 3rd Semester Abroad After Purportedly Ending the Possibility

A few NYU Shanghai juniors have been granted a third semester abroad.

Mar 24, 2018

In the Fall semester, the NYU Shanghai Registrar's office announced that they would be revoking the petition for a third semester abroad. Due to a sizeable backlash, particularly from the Class of 2020, the school went back on its word and brought back the possibility of three semesters, but strongly discouraged it. This decision left many students feeling skeptical of whether getting a third semester abroad was possible.
On Mar. 5, students received notice of where they would be spending their Fall semester. While current sophomores were anxiously awaiting their decisions for their first study abroad semester, a handful of juniors from the Class of 2019 were waiting to hear about their third. When decisions were finally released, a few juniors found themselves pleasantly surprised to receive an email granting them a third semester abroad.
Tahreem Waquar, a Social Science major with a focus in Psychology, will be spending her third semester abroad in Madrid. She spent Fall 2017 in Prague and is currently in New York. She was not expecting to get a third semester at all, given that the school made it seem as if a third semester would be given only if absolutely needed.
“I didn’t have a solid reason to do a third semester. I thought I would be able to come up with a minor or internship for credit at a particular site, but I couldn’t. I just wrote how I really wanted to experience another site before I graduated,” Waquar said.
She continued by adding that when enrolling at NYU Shanghai, she did so knowing she would get the chance to study away in three different places. Waquar also noted that she had finished most of the required courses offered at NYUSH.
Ibrahim Saeed, a Business and Finance major with an Economics minor, will spend his third semester in Washington D.C., as part of the Global Leadership Scholars Program. He spent his Fall 2017 semester in London and is currently in New York. He’s eager to build a larger network in the United States and is looking forward to meeting new students and industry professionals. Saeed will also hold an off-campus internship next semester.
“To be entirely honest, I was skeptical about whether or not I would be granted a third study away, but it never hurts to apply anyway and things worked out,” Saeed said.
Catt Kim, a Business & Marketing major with a Chinese minor, will head to New York for her third semester. She spent the fall in Madrid and is currently studying at Trinity College in Dublin as part of NYU’s International Exchange Partnership. In her personal statement, she included that as a Business & Marketing major, she really wanted the opportunity to study at NYU Stern School of Business. Kim also mentioned the importance of immersing herself in the American business hub so that she can make connections, learn more about the American business environment, and interact with new students and professors.
However, deciding where to spend her third semester abroad has not been easy.
“I really did wrestle with it because I miss Shanghai a lot and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my friends. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to get a third semester but I wasn’t too worried about it. Going back to Shanghai wasn’t a bad option,” Kim said.
She concluded by adding that she was surprised by the result and is excited for the opportunity to study at NYU’s home campus.
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