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Voters made their choice— the results show their preferences.

Apr 22, 2018

This year, 27 candidates ran to fill 13 positions under the new Student Government constitution, with 593 e-ballots cast. All students had the ability to vote on the executive council positions of President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Programming Board Chair, and Treasurer, while only students with declared majors could vote for the academic representatives of their divisions. Students only had the right to vote for the class representative of their own class. The voting opened on the evening of April 20 and closed the morning of April 22. The results are as follows:
President: Tami Gjorgjieva, Class of 2019, was elected president with 64% of the vote. Gjorgieva previously served as Junior Class Representative, citing her lengthy experience with Student Government as an asset to “build a strong, committed and open Student Government that will continue to improve our community in the future.”
Vice President: Chris Wheeler, Class of 2019, was elected after running unopposed for the position of Vice President. This will be Wheeler’s second time elected to Student Government, having previously served as the First-Year Class Representative.
Chief of Staff: Nela Noll, Class of 2019, was elected Chief of Staff with 49% of the vote. Noll spent the last three years as the Chair of the Campus Life Policy Committee, stressing communication as essential for the success of the Chief of Staff.
Programming Board Chair: Christine Dah-In Chung, Class of 2019, was elected Programming Board Chair with 48% of the vote. Chung has previously served as Officer of Student Activities, Senator, and Junior Class Representative. Chung pointed to her wealth of prior experience as evidence for why she would make an effective Programming Board Chair.
Treasurer: Aleksandra Markov, Class of 2019, was elected treasurer with 45.8% of votes cast. Markov referenced her time studying economics and her time spent in the executive positions of SIGs on campus as beneficial, guaranteeing efficient allocation of funds if elected.
Senior Class Representative: Theros Wong, Class of 2019, was elected Senior Class Representative with 48% of the vote. Wong suggested possible senior class events in her platform, promising to listen to the needs of the senior class if she was elected.
Junior Class Representative: Hafsa Ahmed was elected Junior Class Representative. Ahmed previously served as Sophomore Class Representative, and promised to help make the Student Government’s transition to its new government as smooth as possible.
Sophomore Class Representative: Hind Ait Mout was elected Sophomore Class Representative. Ait Mout pointed to her involvement with the community as how she will hope to achieve her policy goals.
Engineering Representative: Alexander MacKay, Class of 2019, ran unopposed to be elected the Engineering Representative. MacKay said he hopes to increase engagement between the engineering faculty and the wishes of engineering students.
Science Representative: Hala Aqel, Class of 2019, ran unopposed to be elected Science Representative. Aqel referenced her experience with Student Government as integral for her ability to mediate between science students and the administration.
Social Science Representative: Miren Aguirre Salazar, Class of 2019, was elected Social Science Representative. Salazar referenced her debating skills and commitment to representing other students as how she would advocate for students in the social sciences.
Arts and Humanities Representative: Lina Emulsa was elected Arts and Humanities Representative. In her platform, Emulsa wrote a poem and promised to devote attention to developing the relationship between students and faculty in the arts and humanities.
Senator: Sara Pan Algarra, Class of 2020, ran unopposed to be elected Senator. Algarra stressed the connection she feels to the NYUAD community as a whole as a driving force in her desire to represent NYUAD while studying in NYUNY.
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