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Apr 28, 2018

The Interclassico, a highly anticipated friendly soccer match between upperclassmen and underclassmen, was held on April 25. The match took place on NYU Abu Dhabi’s football pitch. There were opportunities for students to play carnival-style games while listening to music.
After the first quarter, the score was 2-1 with the underclassmen taking the lead. During the second quarter, the underclassmen widened the gap even further and eventually won the match with a 7-3 victory. Shawarmas and desserts were also handed out for the enjoyment of the audience.
“It was a fun opportunity to hang out with friends and support both the classes. The shawarmas were great too! It would have been nice to have more of the school come out and support the teams. The underclassmen gave the upperclassmen team scarves at the end which was a very sweet gesture of Falcon spirit,” said Neha John, Class of 2020.
“Watching the underclassmen play as a well-organized team was exciting. It was fun to see and hear the school cheer loudly and show some school pride,” said Gene Cho, Class of 2019.
Latino Night
The annual Latino Night event took place on April 26 in the Marketplace. There was live music played by students along with traditional food and choreographed cultural dances. Kyler Meehan, Class of 2018, played the trumpet and sang in Spanish. Ana Karneza, Class of 2020, also sang a Spanish song.
Mexican cuisine was offered to those who attended, with three different meal options for students to enjoy. There was also an opportunity for students to break a piñata, giving them the chance to enjoy a Latin American cultural tradition. Latino Night is an annual tradition held by the Latino Student Interest Group on campus.
"[The event was] a vibrant and beautiful unification of similar but different cultures to celebrate the NYUAD spirit," said Chico Yoonsik Park, Class of 2021.
Community Flea Market
On April 27, the Office of Social Responsibility organized the Community Flea Market. The event was held at the East and West Fora from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There were many opportunities for NYUAD students to get involved with the event. Several students from ADvocacy volunteered to help sort through the donated items and aid in the organization.
Additionally, the entire student body was encouraged to donate their used items. They could either simply donate their used items or book a stall and set their own prices. The event was also a good reminder for students that the Office of Social Responsibility will be collecting gently used books from May 5 to May 20, the day of Commencement.
“This event was a fun experience as I saw the community come together right before the semester ends. Both kids and adults were selling items and people had the opportunity to get items free from the free store and shop at the flea market. Everyone had the opportunity to either donate to the free store or to set up their own stall,” said Katharina Klaunig, Class of 2021.
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