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In a few short months, graduate school acceptances and post-graduation employment rates will test the success of NYU Abu Dhabi. With the graduation of ...

Sep 21, 2013

In a few short months, graduate school acceptances and post-graduation employment rates will test the success of NYU Abu Dhabi. With the graduation of NYUAD’s inaugural class looming and the introduction of the freshman class, the Career Development Center has aptly expanded and is equipped to tackle the university’s growing demands.
Over the summer, the CDC promoted two Global Academic Fellows, Zach Troia and Rafi Ashique, to two full-time positions: pre-professional services coordinator and employer services specialist, respectively. The CDC also hired Dana Downey to serve as its assistant director of employer services on the career services team; April Cash, as the associate director of the CDC; and Dr. Alexandra Dimitri, as a pre-health and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics advisor in the pre-professional advising office.  Faiza Hamisi was also promoted to manage special events and projects as the CDC coordinator.
Graduation marks a new chapter for the approximately 150 NYUAD seniors. As the first graduating class prepares to leave university, the CDC is working equally hard at ensuring that the students have the support to realize their goals.
 “Starting from the freshman year, we have been working closely with our entire student body in their career development, from choosing their major to exploring potential career paths to gaining work experience and developing a robust CV/resume,” said Director of NYUAD’s CDC Hazel Raja. “Additionally, we have been helping students prepare for graduate admissions through workshops, resources and services, and advising.  Our fall career fair, which takes place on [Sept. 22], will be the largest in [NYUAD] history and will feature full-time opportunities as well as internship positions.”
However, attaining on-campus or off-campus opportunities, including full-time and part-time internships, requires students to be proactive and timely.
“Many competitive employers have one recruitment cycle per year so it is imperative that our students seize the opportunity to apply and prepare early. As the saying goes, ‘If you're not in it, you can't win it,’" added Raja.
With the introduction of new external talent and an entire freshman class, the CDC has a wider, more extensive set of programs for NYUAD students.
“Some of the new exciting highlights include deeper employer engagement, site visits, on-campus interviews and presentations, career exploration programs, grad-school presentations and off-site events, career peer programs and interview preparation training,” said Raja.
The CDC also hopes that additional students will spur increased support and enthusiasm for its programs and events. Raja and her team are thrilled at what the future holds.
“We are incredibly excited about the growing number of students interning in the local community in an array of industries and are thrilled to hear from students who want to stay in the UAE after graduation,” Raja said. “Additionally, we are looking forward to staying connected with our future alumni as they transition from student[s] to employer-partner[s] and serve as mentors to our future graduates.”
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