Websites show a different side of Abu Dhabi

When navigating Abu Dhabi, it may be wise to stand on the shoulders of others. Walking in any direction from Sama Tower could lead one to believe that ...

Sep 21, 2013

When navigating Abu Dhabi, it may be wise to stand on the shoulders of others. Walking in any direction from Sama Tower could lead one to believe that all there is to this city of almost 2.5 million people is an endless repetition of tailors and travel agencies. The following websites will attempt to alleviate that feeling and, while propelling you to new haunts, may also help you explore areas that previously seemed devoid of interest.
This restaurant recommendation site has a wide variety of places for you to expand your palate  in Abu Dhabi. lists a range of cuisines and features short descriptions of each restaurant, as well as useful information on each restaurant’s price, ambiance, dietary options and smoking policy. This website is great for those seeking to discover restaurants all over the UAE as there are extensive guides to restaurants in Dubai and the other Emirates. Whilst there are no reviews of individual restaurants, is a great place to start if you are seeking a new culinary experience in any of the Emirates.
The most stylish and user-friendly of the sites reviewed, Abu Dhabi Confidential is a great resource for both women and men seeking to explore what the city has to offer. Although this site is intended for female readers, it details events and venues that are not limited to a specific gender. The website covers shopping destinations, one-off events such as flea markets and fashion and lifestyle products. There are also tips on where to find items for your house or apartment, perfect for those looking for a trendy addition to their dorm. Abu Dhabi Confidential keeps a finger on the pulse of the best culinary destinations, and their Facebook page is regularly updated — a worthwhile addition to anyone’s newsfeed.
Surprisingly not a neo-Marxist satirical GIF site, The Capital List details the current and latest Abu Dhabi nightlife. With updates for every weekend, no longer will you twiddle your thumbs on a Thursday night in Sama.
“We’re in contact with the venues to ensure our information is up to date,” said General Manager Melanie Carpenter.
There are venues that suit everyone’s taste from bars and concerts to lounges and nightclubs. One can search by venue, music style, event type or even resident DJ. These listings accompany recommendations for the best clubs of different genres. The site also has a number of picture galleries to provide an understanding of the ambiance of its venues so visitors don’t waste their precious dirhams on an entry fee for a lacklustre night.
“There is a lot more going on [in Abu Dhabi] than people realize,” said Carpenter.
The Capital List is a great place to get to know Abu Dhabi’s expanding nightlife. To add to its appeal, The Capital List hosts occasional ticket giveaways.
Something a bit different but still worthwhile is this expat blog that gives a hint of what life might be like living and working in Abu Dhabi. These blog posts capture the alternating banality and hilarity of life in the UAE. Familiar encounters such as aggressive driving go alongside musings on hotels and interesting sites around the city. This blog can also be helpful in understanding Abu Dhabi by giving a guide to the many names every street seems to have. Featured on Time Out Abu Dhabi’s list of interesting blogs, this site is worth a visit if you are seeking to understand how some of the other inhabitants of Abu Dhabi experience the city.
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