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Sep 30, 2018

Baraha Pajama Party
The evening of Sept. 26 saw the Baraha overflowing with students of all years, who mingled and showed off their pajamas for Student Government’s Pajama Party. The event was an opportunity for students to socialize while enjoying some music and food.
The Baraha was decorated with fairy lights and pillows to create a cozy environment for the night. The event began at 11:30 p.m. and Student Government provided attendees with various refreshments, including karak, cookies and KFC.
“The pajama party was a huge success for Student Government and for the programming board. The turnout and the general energy at the event was amazing and sets the year out on a really promising start. Though it was the result of a great team effort, a lot of credit is due to Christine who managed to execute such an event with a fledgling committee,” said Toby Le, Class of 2022.
Bubble Soccer World Cup
On the evening of Sept. 28, NYU Abu Dhabi students took to the gym to battle it out for the title of Bubble Soccer World Cup Champions. The winning players could choose their prize between NYUAD-branded sunglasses and an Athletics Department T-shirt.
Seven teams participated in the almost three-hour long competition. In the end, the defending team from last year, called Mr. Worldwide, took the crown once again. Mahmoud Alqadi, Class of 2020 and a member of Mr. Worldwide, commended the other teams for their effort.
“It was awesome. The last few teams were tough, because we lost originally to one of them, but we came back for the rematch. It was a nice game,” said Alqadi.
Rooftop Rhythms
Season seven of NYUAD’s Rooftop Rhythms opened on the evening of Sept. 28, with a diverse lineup of artists sharing their original work. The open mic event filled the Marketplace with students and visitors alike who were provided with popcorn and drinks throughout the show.
The event boasted many original performances, both from experienced artists and those showcasing their work for the first time. The intermissions between each performance were livened up with some music. Hind Ait Mout, Class of 2021, enjoyed the event.
“It was good. There was a variety of performances and there were some deep statements and cool people attending,” said Ait Mout.
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