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Oct 14, 2018

Emirati Women in Fitness & Sports Talk
On Oct. 10, NYU Abu Dhabi Fitness hosted a talk about Emirati Women in Fitness & Sports in the Dance Studio. The event was part of NYUAD’s Breast Health Month and boasted speakers ranging from coaches to students and athletes.
Speakers on the panel included Dalal Mustafa, an NYUAD Fitness Specialist, Salma Al Busaeedi, the Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics and Sports Communications Coordinator, Asma Al Jahani, a triathlete and Maitha Al Suwaidi, an archer from the Class of 2021. The women spoke about their journeys in sports and what challenges they had to face and overcome. Al Suwaidi’s journey, for example, was characterized by various obstacles.
“Archery is a very young sport in the UAE and I started it before we even had a national team,” said Al Suwaidi. “When the national team formed, I was the youngest girl and for the longest time I was the only girl as well. Sometimes I would be the only female at practice and all of the males were at least 20 years older than me.”
Al Suwaidi spoke about the unequal treatment of women and men in the sport.
“I felt like I had to prove myself in order to go to international competitions, whereas men were definitely going to go. Before, they used to just take males without even telling us there was a competition happening.”
In the end, all speakers offered some advice to the audience concerning sports and pursuing what you are passionate about.
“Try different sports. Try new sports as well. Try something that seems scary and don’t just stick to what you know,” said Al Suwaidi.
Afro-Hair Expo
The Africa Global Student Interest Group organized an event on Friday, Oct. 12 called the Afro-Hair Expo. The event included a discussion on experiences with afro hair and the approach to afro hair on campus, which was followed by afro hair-related activities.
The panel discussion took place from 2 p.m. and was followed by live tutorials of various hairstyles and hair practices. The second part of the event allowed students to visit various booths led by members of the SIG. Attendees had the chance to learn about different styling techniques for afro hair, hair care tips and tricks and numerous styles ranging from trendy braided styles to more informal looks.
“I thought it was very refreshing to hear the narratives of individual countries when it comes to black hair. It was very special learning the ubiquitous ways one can experience their hair!” said Tatyana Brown, Class of 2022.
Chat Room Roulette
First-Year Residential College Residential Assistants organized an event for first years on Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. Participants were randomly added to different online chat rooms in Residential College A2C where they talked anonymously to other members of the Class of 2022. Conversations ranged from serious to silly and frivolous. Those in attendance sat around the lounge, eating momos, drinking bubble tea and texting in silence.
The event was intended to offer a way for the Class of 2022 to have meaningful conversations with their classmates and voice concerns about starting university. The RAs wanted the anonymous aspect of the activity to allow students to be truthful and speak to people they otherwise would not have the courage to approach. Most students came up with funny nicknames and took the opportunity to relax and vent.
“Although it didn’t have a good beginning because of some technical problems, the idea by itself was an interesting escape from the routine. The anonymity gave me the opportunity to speak openly about interesting topics and even about my feelings. Curiously enough for the short time the system actually worked, I ended up with a new friend,” said Kevin Quiros, Class of 2022.
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