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Photo courtesy of Sofia Espinosa

Falcons Fall Short to AAU in Football Semi-Finals

Despite the Falcons’ best efforts, the referee rang the final bell with the score remaining at 0-1.

Mar 2, 2019

On Feb. 27, NYU Abu Dhabi’s Men’s Football Team lost to Al Ain University of Science and Technology in a tight battle resulting in a 0-1 defeat.
As the game began, there was a quick scramble to hold control as both teams pushed each other, probing for weaknesses.
Four minutes in and AAU scored a blundering goal after gaining some control in the Falcons’ side. The Falcons immediately took control after the goal – playing the ball to the wings attempting a speedy comeback.
Until the halftime bell, both teams played an energetic game, forcing the ball up and down the field. Players on both teams began to look fatigued as they moved into the second half.
The game held a constant intensity into the second half with both teams aggressively clashing in the midfield and making the occasional move forward.
AAU’s coach made a series of substitutions, putting together a savage and newly refreshed midfield and offense that pushed hard against the Falcons’ powerful defense. In the middle of the second half, the Falcons upped the ante, falling back into some innovative offensive movements.
Despite the Falcons’ best efforts, they fell just short, with the score remaining at 0-1 when the final bell rang.
Fans from across the NYUAD community turned out in a big way to support their fellow Falcons. Supporters gave the team a heartfelt standing ovation, bringing a spirit of camaraderie and happiness to an otherwise difficult night for the team.
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