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An Intense Week for Falcons Basketball

Falcons fans come out in big numbers as NYUAD basketball goes through a turbulent week.

Mar 9, 2019

It was a turbulent week for NYU Abu Dhabi Basketball as the two finals matches yielded mixed results. On Monday, March 4 the women's team faced off against American University Dubai, losing 19 - 31. On Tuesday, March 5, the men's team defeated UAE University 54 - 48.
The women's game was a fast-paced test of endurance, as the ball moved up and down the court constantly. Both teams struggled to convert their offense to points until the second quarter.
With each team’s score rising and falling, it was a tense match for fans to sit through. The bleachers were packed with Falcons supporters. While the intense game raged on on the court, fans on both sidelines competed in their own loud chanting matches.
During the third and fourth quarters, AUD picked up momentum with some effective offense, eventually moving on to dethrone the NYUAD team’s reign and become the ADISL Champions.
The next day brought another challenging game but the men's basketball team eventually fended off the well-coordinated offense of UAEU.
The Falcons moved forward with their usual quick passes and sharp shooting, while UAEU utilized a more heavy game, moving inside the paint scoring layups and the occasional dunk.
The scores moved up bit by bit, remaining neck-in-neck until the fourth quarter. As the tension built, the Falcons stayed strong on defense, making it difficult for UAEU to move close to the rim.
In the end, the Falcons held their ground and won the male championship.
“I think we just stuck through it. We didn't get frustrated when things weren't going our way, we just held our composure and stuck it out,”said Hayden Mountcastle, Class of 2019.
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