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Funny Story: Offbeat News from Around the Globe

A selection of the most amusing headlines of late, including the trend of cuddling with cows and a “man cave” located under a railway terminal.

A recent investigation at the Oklahoma County jail found that two detention officers and their supervisor were forcing inmates to listen to the viral song “Baby Shark,” at a high volume for hours on end. The inmates were made to stand with their hands cuffed behind them the entire time. The District Attorney termed the scenario “inhuman” and charged the perpetrators with “misdemeanor counts of cruelty to a prisoner and conspiracy.”
The therapeutic practice of hugging cows that originated in rural Dutch provinces years ago is gaining traction around the world. Called “koe knuffelen” — a Dutch phrase which translates to “cow hugging” — the practice consists of touring a farm and then embracing a cow for a few hours. It is believed to boost oxytocin in humans, lowering stress and inducing a calming effect. According to a 2007 study, these benefits extend both ways as cattle also find the experience relaxing.
A Japanese theme park, Yomiuriland, kicked off a new initiative that lets guests work while enjoying rides and amenities in exchange for a fee. The initiative has been dubbed the “Amusement Workcation” program and includes access to workstations set up within the park. There is, however, one caveat: you are not allowed to scream while at the park; a policy put in place to avoid the spread of Covid-19.
Three railroad workers were suspended as they allegedly set up a “man cave” under New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. They furnished a storage room below the terminal with a television and a sofa, and were accused of spending time in the room during their working hours. The room was also ruled a fire hazard as it is unmapped and difficult to find during crises.
Following a series of disturbances from local emus, an Australian pub has barred them from entering. Upon maturation, the birds allegedly began entering the establishment and causing trouble by stealing guests’ food and belongings amongst other unpleasantries. The ban was enacted by putting up ropes at the doorways as well as placing a sign that says, “Emus have been banned from this institution for unhealthy behaviour. Please let yourself in by the emu barrier and then reconnect please!”
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