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The Brief: Corona at Your Door

From studies on Covid-19 antibody levels to South Korean officials’ creative efforts to ensure a socially distanced Halloween, we bring you the latest Covid-19 news.

Nov 1, 2020

By the Numbers: Cases and Deaths
Note: North America Cases and Deaths now includes the United States. All case and death statistics are derived from WHO and ECDC. For more information about coronavirus cases around the world and interactive maps, visit Our World in Data.
Antibody Studies A study conducted in England suggests that immunity to the coronavirus gradually wears off. After sending tests to 365,000 randomly selected individuals, researchers found that there was a decline of more than 26% antibodies in just over three months. Of those that survived a Covid-19 infection, younger people showed a slower loss of antibodies than those over 75 years old. The study’s methodology has some limits, as blood samples were not collected repeatedly from a single sample group, but taken from different members of the population over time.
A different study has shown that antibodies can remain in the body for about five months. Researchers found that although there was a decline in the first waves of antibodies, overall antibody levels remained stable even five months after infection.
Containment Methods in Xinjiang After a cluster of Covid-19 cases were discovered in a clothing factory in Xinjiang, the region immediately went into lockdown and implemented mass pooled testing — their tried and true methods of containment. The cases were discovered through weekly routine testing that appears to be mandated only in the Xinjiang region.
Boo! Halloween During Covid South Korean officials campaigned for a safe, socially distanced Halloween. They patrolled nightclubs to ensure adherence to social distancing rules and encouraged people to have online parties. One poster was captioned “Don't end up a real ghost while enjoying Halloween" and another warned that a party this year "could really turn scary." These efforts come after a resurgence in Covid-19 cases, following the outbreak in May, which was linked to bars and nightclubs in Seoul.
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