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A Glimpse Into Life on Campus in the Spring

The Student Government Programming Board shares what campus life could look like as Remote Plus continues into Spring 2021.

Nov 1, 2020

In an email sent out to the NYU Abu Dhabi community on Oct. 26, Vice Chancellor Mariët Westermann, Provost Arlie Petters and Chief Administrative and Business Officer Peter Christensen announced that the Remote Plus model would continue into Spring 2021.
They cited the global rise in Covid-19 cases and the lack of a readily available vaccine as reasons behind the decision.
The email further stated that all students who wish to reside on campus would have the opportunity to do so, provided they are able to travel to the UAE. As was policy in the Fall semester, students who return will be housed in single occupancy rooms.
Some classes, particularly those with lab and studio requirements, would be delivered in a “blended” model with in-person elements to complement the online modules.
“It’s honestly very much adaptive and reactive more than it is proactive,” said Filip Bendevski, Class of 2021, chair of the NYUAD Student Government Programming Board. “All the things that are going to happen on campus depend on how much the [Ministry of Education] lets admin do.”
Bendevski also shared that virus prevention policies such as mandatory mask wearing and two-meters social distancing would remain in place.
When asked about what campus life would look like, Bendevski told The Gazelle that the Programming Board is currently exploring creative ideas that can keep the community engaged and socially distanced without causing Zoom fatigue.
“It’s trying to strike this balance between optimal safety and just keeping everyone happy and mentally healthy,” he said.
Student Interest Groups will continue to receive their budgets so that they are able to make purchases and conduct activities. Whether it be attending online conferences or breaking up into small groups to do activities together, Bendevski believes there are lots of options to choose from.
This semester, the Programming Board has come up with several socially distanced events for students such as drawing in small groups and curating an exhibition with those works of art.
“The Programming Board is just thinking of ways that [we] can activate students and just let them have fun,” Bendevski remarked.
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