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Return to Campus Updates

A quick recap of the latest RTC updates as per recent administrative communication.

Oct 10, 2021

The Return to Campus Committee shared memoranda with updates on NYU Abu Dhabi policies with the community on Sept. 23, Sept. 30 and Oct. 7, detailing changes in all areas of campus life. Here is a summary of these announcements.
Cleaning Public Spaces After Use
Please remember it is each individual's responsibility to clean and sanitize a public space (lounges, classrooms, play areas, etc.) after using it. Non-compliance could negatively impact the continued access or expansion of spaces opening on campus.
International Vaccine Registration on AlHosn
NYUAD has received a number of requests from students who need assistance with enabling the green pass on their AlHosn apps in case they have received their vaccination dose(s) outside of the UAE. They have suggested that students follow the following steps to complete international vaccine registration: Open Google Chrome and clear your browser history. Visit the ICA website. Click "Register Arrivals and Vaccination Certificates Attestation." Click "Inside the UAE", enter your information, and upload your documents. Delete the AlHosn app from your phone if you have it installed. You should receive a QR code and an email saying that your request has been accepted. Install the AlHosn app and login.
Start of In-Person Classes
As of Oct. 3, all classes designated as "in-person" on Albert have begun face to face instruction.
Only students cleared for in-person instruction by the Health Center will be able to attend these classes. Students that are not cleared for in-person classes at this time will not be able to maintain enrollment in these classes and will be withdrawn from the class roster by the registrar’s office. Students who have not yet uploaded their vaccination records must upload these records as soon as possible to remain enrolled in their in-person classes.
Campus Services and Operation
Both the East and West parking garages are open. In order to reduce traffic congestion, community members should use both the East and West entrances. When there is significant traffic congestion the Security Team will redirect everyone accordingly. It is mandatory for people to have their AlHosn green pass and their NYUAD ID ready for screening upon entry.
Third Booster Vaccine Required for Students with Sinopharm Only
All students who have received two Sinopharm vaccine doses over six months ago are required to take a third booster shot of either Sinopharm or Pfizer immediately in order to be compliant with the student code of conduct and Abu Dhabi guidelines. Non-compliant students will not be able to access classrooms for in-person classes starting Oct. 3. As of yet, students who have been vaccinated with vaccines other than Sinopharm do not require a booster dose. If you have already received a third booster shot, please upload proof of the booster shot on the Student Health Center portal. The deadline for submission was Oct. 3.
Using AlHosn App on Campus Using the AlHosn app is an Abu Dhabi mandate. It is each student's responsibility to ensure their green pass status. The NYUAD Campus Access app will no longer be accepted on campus, except for students who are pending DOH exemption or SEHA vaccination recognition, as well as those who are currently on a guided vaccine journey with the Student Health Center. Students out of compliance will need to explain their AlHosn and Campus Access app gray status. Event Requirements Guide
According to the Ministry of Education, activities and events will soon be permitted under certain criteria in coordination with NCEMA and the Department of Culture and Tourism's health and safety regulations. NYUAD encourages community members to think about the objective of events, as they should primarily serve academic, research, student co-curricular, community engagement, or enrichment purposes. The university urges community members to consider whether an in-person component would improve an event and whether it is essential. Otherwise, the MOE still recommends that, if possible, events should be hosted virtually.
Pfizer/BioNTech Drive with SEHA Extended
The Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination drive at Khalifa Hospital in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City has been extended until October 26. The drive is for community members with existing Emirates IDs that have not been previously vaccinated by any Covid-19 or have had or two Sinopharm doses. Groups of at least 20 people can be booked for fast-track appointments every Tuesday until October 26. Complete this form to sign up for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination drive.
Third Booster Vaccine Requirement for Students with Sinopharm Only
All students who have taken two Sinopharm vaccine doses more than six months ago are required to immediately take a third booster shot of either Sinopharm or Pfizer to be compliant with the student code of conduct and Abu Dhabi guidelines. Failure to upload proof of the booster will be considered non-compliance.
Winter Break, J-Term, and Spring Undergraduate Campus Housing
The application process for undergraduate January Term housing and spring semester housing will open on Oct. 18. Undergraduate students will be eligible to apply for housing terms based on specific criteria in eight unique categories which are outlined on the student portal. Campus housing in Abu Dhabi will also remain open for the winter break from December 22, 2021 to January 1, 2022. However, only students who are currently enrolled in Abu Dhabi, living on campus, and participating in a January Term opportunity and/or remaining in Abu Dhabi for spring will be eligible to extend housing through the winter break. Reviewing the full policy and the specific categories can help determine the eligibility for campus housing at NYU Abu Dhabi and the relevant arrival and departure dates.
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