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Students Fined For Violating Covid-19 Testing Policy

Several students have been subject to 5000 AED fines for violating Covid-19 guidelines.

Feb 7, 2022

Since Sep. 5, 2021, vaccinated travelers coming to Abu Dhabi from green countries need to take a Covid-19 PCR test on the first and sixth day of their arrival. The United Arab Emirates has set a 5000 AED fine for anyone who does not adhere to the policy.
A person can check if there are any fines imposed on their name by providing the Emirates ID number on the Abu Dhabi Police website. The information is also accessible upon registration on the Ministry of Interior website.
The UAE government allows appealing the fine through the Public Prosecution website and the Public Prosecution app. The request needs to be sent within 15 days of receiving notification of the violation. The appeal is free of charge, though the person concerned or their representative needs to submit it alongside the required documents including a copy of their Emirates ID or passport and a copy of the fine.
The Gazelle interviewed students who discovered a 5000 AED fine on their accounts.
“I found out that I have a fine from August,” one of the students recalled. “I saw the Facebook post about it. I went ahead and downloaded the Ministry of Interior app or MOI and checked that way. I saw I had a fine. I checked on the Abu Dhabi Police site and the fine was also listed there, so I went to the Public Prosecutor and filled out the form to file a Covid grievance to appeal the fine.”
Many students expressed anxiety, but remained hopeful for the appeal process.
“I am hopeful that it will work, but I am also worried about the appeal not being accepted because it’s obviously way more than 15 days since the fine, but I am hoping they will still consider it”, the student further stated.
Another student, after realizing that he did not get tested on day 6, traveled to the city at 9 p.m. to do a test in Al Nahyan Screening Center and comply with the requirement. The PCR tests outside of campus remain free of charge for Abu Dhabi students and can be taken at any private or public clinic, hospital, or drive-through center.
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