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The Campus Cats: NYUAD’s Cutest Critters

Meet the only reason why we’re still holding it together this semester.

Feb 13, 2022

Possibly one of the best features of the NYU Abu Dhabi campus are the campus cats. No matter what kind of day you’re having, it is sure to be brightened at the sight of one of the cats lounging in the sun or by hearing their adorable meows as they approach you for pets. To appreciate the cutest members of our campus, we have compiled a short list and ranking of our favorite campus cats.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Yoo
Photo Courtesy of Emily Yoo
George is a distinguished gentleman with a perfect “:3” face who never passes up the opportunity for pets. George can often be seen lazing around the palms or stretching out on the chairs. He has also recently joined the Beg For Food alliance as D2 diner has moved back outdoors. We would love to feed him, but we can’t, as a part of loving the cats is acknowledging that people food isn’t for them — not that they know or care. George is an excellent cat to go to if you’re looking for a pet to smother with affection; he’ll tolerate almost anything. It is evident that he is a total sweetheart, as seen by the fact that he has not held a grudge against columnist and editor, Malak Elmallah, for picking him up in the manner pictured above.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Yoo
Zorro is the fluffiest of the cats listed here and perhaps one of the sweetest. He can often be found hanging around the palms in the afternoons and napping on top of the lights on the ground in front of C2 during the night. He always enjoys a good scratch behind the ears. Zorro is most notable for his large, fluffy tail, but he can be a bit jealous. So if you ever want his attention, first try giving yours to a different cat that’s nearby. George is always a good pick since they share the same territory.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Yoo.
Moo is what one might call a chonky boy. This label was most likely caused by his choice of territory: D2. His meal of choice is the grilled chicken breast from Flame, but he’ll slink around your ankles and beg for pretty much anything. He will even jump on top of the table and go straight for your plate if he is feeling especially bold. As a result of his successful begging, he has become a very round and chonky boy, and so we must advise you not to feed him. Moo has shown himself to be more than capable of feeding himself, either from the campus cat food bins or on a stray bird or two, so don’t feel too bad when he stares longingly at your chicken.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Yoo.
Sashimi can be a bit stand-offish, but when she’s in the mood, she can be very affectionate. One of her favorite spots is the windowsill of the elevator leading to the West Plaza, pictured above. Weirdly, she doesn’t seem to enjoy people petting her, but she will lick you — a lot. No matter where you move your hand to try and pet her, she’ll just move her head and keep licking you, thus preventing you from petting her. On the rare occasions when she is in the mood for a pet, she might display an adorable, scratchy purr.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Yoo.
Eduardo, or as we affectionately refer to him, The Ginger Menace, gained this nickname for a reason — if you’ve seen the signs posted outside the A6 building about keeping the cats out, they are most definitely referring to him. Once, the little menace even rode the elevator up to the second floor of C2, where we had to corral him out through the Baraha doors. According to Elmallah, if you ever spot him inside a building, don’t be afraid to just pick him up and carry him out. He’ll meow in protest but probably won’t fight you. Please note that we are not liable for any scratching injuries you may incur, according to Elmallah, she is a licensed professional. Also, please don’t let him inside.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Yoo
Gingerbell is a prime example of what one would scientifically refer to as an absolute unit due to his incredible size. Although his fluffy coat and seemingly kind face might lull one into a sense of peace, don’t be deceived — he won’t hesitate to maul you if you try to pet anything but his head. He often lays traps for innocent passersby by laying on his back and exposing his wonderfully fluffy belly, so don’t let yourself be fooled. For these reasons, he has been dubbed The Big Ginger Menace. Despite his aggressive disposition, he is very soft when he lets you pet him, and he poses excellently for photos, as seen above.
While we may suffer the occasional scratch or hurt feelings when a cat betrays you, when they decide to be your friend, it is more than worth it. They are undoubtedly an essential part of this campus. Our mental health would definitely be worse if it wasn’t for the presence of these loveable critters, and we hope this guide from seasoned cat veterans helps you discover your own inner cat lover.
Emily Yoo and Malak Elmallah are Deputy Features Editors. Email them at
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