Courtesy of Student Government

BREAKING: Student Government election results

The elections board announced the results from the vote for the fourth NYU Abu Dhabi Student Government executive board at 12:48 a.m. on Wednesday, ...

Courtesy of Student Government
The elections board announced the results from the vote for the fourth NYU Abu Dhabi Student Government executive board at 12:48 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 26.
The turnout was 58 percent of the NYUAD student body. There was a tie between candidates Alex Nyikos and Eric Johnson for the position of treasurer. There will be another vote at a to-be-determined time.
The results are as follows:
Mohammed Omar
A senior, Omar has been involved in student leadership at NYUAD since day one, serving as the first president of Student Government in 2011. As president, he hopes to “refine the current processes of student self-governance as our university moves to a new campus and prepares to graduate its inaugural class.” According to his platform, he also hopes to strengthen university communication and student involvement in decision-making.
Corey Meyer:
A junior and the former vice president, Meyer hopes to solve the issues surrounding petty cash reimbursement, hold open forums for feedback regarding plans at Saadiyat and begin informal student input sessions during non-GA weeks. According to his platform, “continuing to increase direct channels for student participation in the policy crafting process and increasing the Student Government’s ability to maintain their own communication” is crucial to further student self-governance at NYUAD.
Sofia Gomez-Doyle
Even though Gomez-Doyle is only a freshman, she has become a very active member of the community. She is involved with the dance Student Interest Group, Attitude, and has attended many Student Government GAs. According to her election platform, Gomez-Doyle is a risk-taker and is open to exploring new ideas for improving the lines of communication within the university.
Benjamin Jance IV
Unopposed in his campaign for officer of  external relations, Jance said in his election platform that he hopes to “facilitate progressive networks” across NYU’s global network by reinforcing the International Student Ambassadors program and holding outreach workshops with SIG leaders. Calling on his past leadership experience with the Global Issues Network and Ecoherence SIG, Jance said he plans on laying the foundations for a global inter-university network.
Unlike the previous three executive boards, the elected candidates will serve one semester instead of the conventional two, due to the change in the election cycle from the calendar to the academic year. Following winter break and January Term, the newly-elected members of the executive board will assume their positions in the spring semester.
Due to a lack of applicants, there was no officer of student activities elected for next semester’s executive board. Because of this, the current officer of student activities, Clara Correia, will continue her role until it is put to ballot again with the election of the junior class representative in the spring.
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