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Pawesome Profiles Volume I: Meet Rocky and Tucker!

Sneak a peek at some of our very adorable dogs on campus.

Dec 12, 2022

Ever thought of what the embodiment of comfort would look like? Well, we are fairly certain what you thought of couldn’t have been very different from the dog we’re featuring — Rocky, our resident labrador.
Five years old and a thousand years of love in him, Rocky is a force to be reckoned with when faced with a ball and someone to play with. His enthusiasm and unbridled desire for life, which he wakes up with every morning, will make you never want to leave him, and neither will he want you to leave. So you’d both just linger on the crossroads until Rocky’s urge to nap overcomes him, and you’re left with a supremely adorable, snuggly pup.
If you need someone to love food as much as you do, Rocky can be a food connoisseur as well, from traditionally doggy treats to human food. He is sweet, loyal, smart, always hungry, gentle with humans, and obsessed with chasing balls. All he asks for in return are belly rubs, which is, honestly, a labor of love you should be happy to give to him.
Ever wanted to enter into one of those “showcase your pet’s talent” contests? Tucker is your dog. He is 43 kg and knows it; with him, showcasing an Olympic weight-lifting performance would be cakewalk. When he isn’t ready to go inside from his walk, he will sit down and assume his human can’t do anything about it, and unless you hit the gym often, you actually can’t. He carries the same determination in all the love he gives as well; no wonder he is always in need of naps.
During Covid-19, akin to all other dogs, Tucker kept his optimism. Since he was adopted on February 14, 2020, he’s been supporting his human, who honestly doesn’t know how they would have coped with the isolation of COVID without Tucker. He forced them to get outside every day and enjoy the fresh air, without which they probably wouldn’t have left their apartment for 6 months.
And those walks never had dull moments, because Tucker also fancies himself a cat detective. It’s probably a good thing he doesn’t live on campus, because he finds the amount of cats very stimulating and always loves searching for them in bushes. (Don’t worry, no cats have been harmed in his searches.) If all this wasn’t already special enough, Tucker’s nanny has termed him “Gossip Boy” because he will walk up to groups of people and sit down to listen to their conversations. It’s the key to the best kind of awkward moments.
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