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Illustration by Maimuna Zaheer

Silent Sanctuaries: Exploring the Soundless Spaces on Campus

With an ever-growing population of students at NYU Abu Dhabi, it is often difficult to find peace and quiet outside of the typical library and dorm room setting. Here is a guide to some soundless spaces on campus.

Mar 6, 2023

Reading Room
Located on the second floor of the library in C2, the reading room is not a very popular study space. If you are looking for a completely silent environment and are someone who gets distracted by background noise, this place could be for you. Although the people working there give this space a studious atmosphere, you could still relax on the plush couches and read. Additionally, the room tends to be warmer than the rest of the library, which could help you focus and keep calm.
Career Development Center
Many people are not aware that the CDC, located in the east wing of C2, is considered a study space. I would recommend going in the evening after working hours for complete silence. There are high tables, couches, and bean bags in the open space of the CDC. If you need a break from classrooms, give the spot a visit.
Above D1
Another underrated and relatively empty spot is above D1. This is where you can have a meal, doze on one of the hammocks on the grass, and watch construction develop around campus.
Residential Floor Lounges
Apart from lounges on the second floor of residential buildings, most are usually empty. This is a good space to sit by the window and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, do work, listen to music, or take time for yourself.
Baraha Rooms
Whilst it is almost impossible to find a free study room behind the Baraha, the larger Baraha rooms, usually used for meetings, can be found empty during the evening. This is a nice place for those who struggle to focus in serious environments and need to feel more comfortable. The rooms are incredibly spacious and homey with couches and a long table.
Above C2
It is easy to forget that you can take the stairs or elevator to the terrace above C2. There, you will find greenery and places to sit. Before the weather returns to its scorching state, spend some time reading on the terrace and take in the view of campus from a different perspective.
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