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Music Column Vol. XIV

After fourteen editions, does it even need an introduction? :)

Apr 9, 2023

It is getting increasingly difficult to say something interesting or meaningful in the introduction to the music selections for the week. Partially because I am running out of ideas, but mostly because the music very often speaks for itself. Especially with this week’s recommendations: what comes ahead definitely deserves your time and attention more than anything original, I have to say. So get your headphones ready; these artists present you with an experience deserving of your full concentration.
New Release
Перетворенния (Conversion) by Циферблат [Zifferblatt]
Ukrainian lounge indie rock band Циферблат [Zifferblatt] has just released one of the freshest albums of the year so far. With funky multi-layered sound, the music of Zifferblatt fits any occasion: a chill dinner, a study session, or a party can all become that much better by spinning some of their songs. In their latest album, they showcase a diverse understanding of sound mixing and interest in genre bending. It is a great introduction to the band as a whole, and I can bet that you will instantly become a fan. Bonus points for impromptu saxophone solos!
Montage of a Heck: The Home Recordings by Kurt Cobain (released Nov. 13, 2015)
April 5 is a dark day in music history: it is the day of the passing of Kurt Cobain, one of the brightest music stars. Cobain is undoubtedly one of the most innovative musicians of his time, but he is rarely recognized as one of the loudest voices of people from various minority groups. A musical pioneer and an avid human rights activist, 29 years after his untimely death, he is still very much missed.
In order to understand not just the genius but the person Kurt Cobain, we must turn to one of his more modest projects: the compilation of home recordings curated for the documentary Montage of a Heck. Among the pieces, there are just some experimental recordings like “The Yodel Song” that opens the compilation, but there are also some of Cobain’s most genuine and emotional performances, like his cover of The Beatles’s “And I Love Her.” The melancholy, anxiety, and restlessness from the songs tell us more about Cobain’s experiences and personality than any biography ever could. Despite its low sonic quality, the album Montage of a Heck: The Home Recordings is of the highest musical quality because if there’s one thing Cobain has taught us is that that music is more about emotion than mastery.
72 Seasons by Metallica (to be released April 14, 2023)
This upcoming title sounds like a throwback album, but it is no joke: Metallica are still releasing new music! We can expect the same good old metal of the 80s as if conserved in a tin can and saved for generations to come. While it might appear repetitive to most, the lack of surprises in Metallica’s music does not really evoke complaints: to the contrary, it is always an enjoyable experience to hear the rock legends do what they do best.
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