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Mysk: The New On-Campus Hideout

An ode to perfect-temperature coffee and a review of all the other wondrous things Mysk has to offer.

Apr 9, 2023

There are several things I have been taught are priceless: health, luck, happiness. I would like to add one more thing to the list: perfect-temperature coffee. It is magic in a cup.
Let’s get one thing clear: I am neither knowledgeable nor an avid enjoyer of coffee overall. I only recently developed a caffeine addiction to the point where I could not function without the overly-roasted, tongue-burning cappuccinos of the Library Cafe. Coffee for me was a survival tool and nothing more. That is until I was introduced to perfect-temperature coffee. It is not just a drink: it is an experience. And one you can get only 2 minutes away from the Campus Center.
The Mysk coffee is everything a college student might want from their coffee. It is not the overly sophisticated Blacksmith aero-filter coffee (our receptors are completely ruined by Starbucks at this point to enjoy it). However, it is still carefully crafted and ready to drink the second you receive it from the barista’s hands, which is great if you are not an expert at time management. It also has the quality to surprise you with its flavorful taste and smooth texture: it is almost as if you’re drinking molten caramel with milk, garnished with just a pinch of an Arab spice to add some edge to it. As I said: magic in a cup.
While you are at it, you might want to grab a pastry from their glass display. Blueberry scones, zaatar croissants, pain au Suisse, carrot cake, lemon tart. It is like looking at a catalog of all pastries known to humankind. Just like the baristas, the bakers at Mysk must have encyclopedic knowledge on how to perfect the balance between taste, texture, and temperature. If you are not in a hurry, you could even sit down for a full meal: people who have achieved the status of time management experts report that lunches and dinners at Mysk are divine. Bonus points for the fact that they do have a greater selection of gluten-free food and account for more dietary preferences and sensitivities than most other places on and around campus.
To top it all off, the atmosphere is just something else: modern, clean, smart, and yet, quirky and youthful. The interior design really tells you a story and immerses you into a new world. Not to mention the flower shop in the right corner of the space! Sitting down at Mysk for your coffee and a snack is like a reward. The employees are always cheerful and calm and give excellent recommendations. Overall, there is a real sense of community between the Mysk employees and the customers. It is also very easy to get in touch with the owners and give them feedback. That is how many of the new ideas at Mysk come about, one of them being creating a discount program for people who bring their own takeaway cup. This approach has turned dining at Mysk into a wonderful pick-me-up experience when you are having a tough day.
Alas, nothing is perfect. While the selection of pastries and meals looks overwhelming at first glance, there are, unfortunately, no vegan options. However, the team at Mysk has taken note of this (mostly because of my roommate's and mine’s annoying and shameless reminders) and are developing a new menu that will hopefully soon make its debut on their display. And although it offers everything a college student might dream of, Mysk is actually quite expensive, so it might not be exactly what a college student can afford. Still, they accept campus currency, but you need to manage your Campus carefully and responsibly (otherwise, they will be gone in a week). Finally, even though the atmosphere is quite refreshing, it is not exactly one that is comfortable or suitable for studying, mostly because it is often quite busy and frequented by off-campus visitors too. It is excellent for procrastinating though -- Blacksmith has more of a co-working busy vibe, and Mysk is an excellent lounge and hangout spot.
The addition of Mysk to campus is definitely the perfect use of the storefronts along the street. It will definitely prove to be as integral to campus life as Sushi Counter and Blacksmith. And their perfect-temperature coffee should absolutely make it onto your list of pat-on-the-back motivational rewards you give yourself during exam season (which has become semester-round, but that is a topic for another time, and maybe a Blacksmith meeting).
Yana Peeva is Senior Columns Editor. Email her at
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