Off With Their Seeds!: Why D2 Should Switch to Seedless Watermelons

Weighing the pros and cons of seeded versus seedless watermelons, this piece shows why we should have seedless watermelons on campus.

Jan 7, 2024

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Watermelons, the perfect refreshing summer fruit that we’re increasingly seeing available all year round. There isn’t much debate over the superiority of watermelon as a fruit, but we do still find contention between whether our watermelons should have seeds or not. Seeded watermelons are, of course, the original. They were the only ones available until more than 70 years ago, when Professor Kihara from Japan figured out a way to cross-breed two kinds of watermelons. Prof. Kihara published a paper on these “Triploid Watermelons” in 1951, and the world was gifted with seedless watermelons.
Before I elaborate on why I think seedless watermelons are better than seeded ones, let me clear up a common misconception about seedless watermelons — that they don’t have any seeds. The triploid chromosomes (three sets of chromosomes, one more than the usual) present in the genetic makeup of seedless watermelons means that they have little to no black seeds, but they still have the white seed coats that are often assumed to be seeds.
So, here’s why seedless watermelons are awesome. First and foremost, experience-wise, seedless watermelons are the obvious choice. Since both seeded and seedless watermelons taste the same, most people find it more convenient not to have to deal with seeds at all. Secondly, seedless watermelons are more travel-friendly than seeded ones. You don’t have to worry about disposing of the seeds. Seedless watermelons are a quick, no-hassle snack. Thirdly, especially for us university students, you can eat seedless watermelons safely in public without worrying about spitting seeds into someone else’s lap. Lastly, seedless watermelons help ensure that none of us swallow watermelon seeds and have them grow into plants in our stomachs.
The data confirms the above pros of seedless watermelons. According to this study conducted just a few months ago on consumer perception of watermelons, apart from the qualities like sweetness and crispness, consumers preferred seedless watermelons over seeded ones.
In conclusion, seedless watermelons are the superior type of watermelon, a wonder of biology, and a blessing to humanity, and we must make haste to have them on campus.
Tiesta Dangwal is Senior Opinions Editor. Email them at
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