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Far away? Stay local. Spotlighted here are some of the current events that happened during the week of Feb. 9 to 16, 2014, along with links to local ...

Feb 15, 2014

Far away? Stay local. Spotlighted here are some of the current events that happened during the week of Feb. 9 to 16, 2014, along with links to local sources. All intended to bring you up to speed with the inside story.
Somalia: Car bomb in Mogadishu exploded near international airport, killing at least five people and injuring at least a dozen. Read local at Midnimo News.
Algeria: Seventy-seven people died in a military plane crash — one of the country’s worst air disasters — leaving a sole survivor. Read local at Euro News.
Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe receives $20m USD grant from China to finance infrastructure, clinics, public schools and boreholes drilling. Read local at AllAfrica.
United States: Deadly storms hit the East Coast: heavy rain, sleet and 12-18 inches of snow, with ice storms in the South killing at least 13. Read local at The Chicago Tribune.
Venezuela: Political opposition leader condemned violence brought on by Caracas demonstrations and offers sympathy to relatives of the three students killed during protests. Read local at El Universal.
South America: Pacific Alliance group comprised of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru agreed to remove majority of trade tariffs. Read local at Voice of America.
Australia: Devastating bushfires hit the South Australian state of Victoria, completely destroying at least 34 homes and injuring five firefighters. Read local at The Herald Sun.
Fiji: President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has extended a welcoming hand to neighboring Pacific nation Kiribati, inviting its residents to immigrate to Fiji as Kiribati’s islands are threatened by rising seas. Read local at the Fiji Sun.
India: Penguin Book India is set to withdraw and destroy all copies of an alternative history of Hinduism, written by a prominent U.S. American scholar. Read local at the Deccan Chronicle.
Nepal: Eight years after Nepal’s civil war, the country ended months of political deadlock, electing new Prime Minister charged with guiding Parliament toward stability. Read local at NDTV.
Turkey: Authorities continue to quiet critics of the government, with 40 journalists still behind bars and 59 dismissed from their jobs since the Gezi Park protests. Read local at Hürriyet News.
England: Severe flood warnings in London as the Thames breached its banks in the rainiest January in 240 years. Read local at The Express.
Belgium: Lawmakers voted to pass regulation allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children, making it the first EU country to do so. Read local at Deutsche Welle.
Middle East
Syria: Soaring death toll since Geneva peace talks began in late January, U.N. mediator acknowledges, “failure is always staring at us in the face.” Read local at Syria Deeply and more at Al Jazeera.
Bahrain: Protesters continue to clash with police in anti-government riots marking the third anniversary of the start of the Arab uprisings. Read local at Gulf Daily News and further at Al Jazeera.
Iran: Iranians rejoiced on anniversary of Islamic Revolution’s victory over U.S.-backed Pahlavi regime with widespread rallies and public celebrations. Read local at Iran Daily News.
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