Graphic by Asyrique Thevendran/The Gazelle

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Far away? Stay local. Spotlighted here are some of the current events happening during the week of Feb. 16 to 22, 2014, along with links to local ...

Graphic by Asyrique Thevendran/The Gazelle
Far away? Stay local. Spotlighted here are some of the current events happening during the week of Feb. 16 to 22, 2014, along with links to local sources, to help bring you up to speed with the inside story.


Somalia: Al-Shabab, a terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda, attacked the presidential palace on Feb. 21, leaving a death toll of 14. Read local at Al Arabiya News.
Sudan: Female Ethiopian migrant raped by seven men in 2013 has been sentenced for “indecent acts.” Read local at allAfrica.
Nigeria: The Central Bank of Nigeria called for banks to recapitalize. This may result in 600 of the 800 microfinance banks in the country shutting down unless they merge within the next few months. Read local at The Punch.

The Americas

Venezuela: Death toll rose to ten as clashes between government and opposition continued this week. Read local at Venezuelanalysis.
Mexico: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, chief of the Sinaloa drug cartel, was arrested in Mazatlán in a joint operation by Mexican and U.S. authorities. Read local at The Yucatan Times.
Colombia: The House of Representatives stated that the leaks which revealed the corruption ring in the Colombian National Army came from the Prosecutor General’s office. Read local at Colombia Reports.


India: After 60 years of struggle, the upper house of parliament passed a bill that officially makes Telengana the country’s 29th state. Read local at The Times of India.
Thailand: Protest clearance on Phan Fah Bridge left four dead and 64 injured. Clashes began in Nov. 2013 after the controversial Amnesty Bill was passed in the lower house. Read local at Bangkok Post and more at The BBC.
Pakistan: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif invited Indian leaders to settle the Kashmir issue through peaceful talks. Read local at The Dawn.


Ukraine: After three months of protests, President Viktor Yanukovych fled his post, and the parliament has voted 320-0 to impeach him. Elections have been set for May 25. Read local at The Kyiv Post.
Switzerland: Peace talks on Syria have reached a deadlock as their second round came to an end on Feb. 16. Little progress has been made, and both sides are blaming each other for the lack of agreements. Read local at EuroNews.
Scotland: The country’s quest for independence faces yet another debate due to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso’s comments on how it would be “difficult if not impossible” for Scotland to be admitted into the European Union. Read local at The Guardian.

Middle East

Egypt: Four people were killed by a bomb dropped on a tourist bus in Taba, a town on the Israeli-Egyptian border. So far the Chamber of Tourism Establishments has given reparations to the family of one of the deceased. Read local at Daily News Egypt.
Saudi Arabia: Prince Charles embarked his 10th official visit to Saudi Arabia. He was seen donning the traditional “thawb” and participating in the “Ardha” dance. Read local at Al Arabiya News.
Iraq: Leaders of the Arab League are in Baghdad. Besides meeting with Iraqi officials, they will celebrate the nomination of Baghdad as the Capital of Arab Culture. Read local at Iraqi News.
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