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Letter From the Editors: Issue 1

Dear readers, The idea for launching The Gazelle was born over tacos from a conversation between strangers in September. We were inspired by each ...

Image via Alistair Blacklock/The Gazelle
Dear readers,
The idea for launching The Gazelle was born over tacos from a conversation between strangers in September. We were inspired by each other’s enthusiasm, and our passions aligned. Although we were from two different branches of the same university, we shared a vision of building a bridge between the NYUAD and NYUNY campuses that facilitates discussion, the exchange of ideas and the opportunity for other students to forge bonds with one another in the same way we have as fellow students and as co-editors.
Journalism is an industry that is in a perpetual state of transformation. As technology and methods of communication advance, so does the pressure on journalists to keep up. This infinite race to inform is both brutal and exhilarating for those who possess the energy to stay in it. The ability to challenge ourselves in developing an innovative grasp on where this industry is headed as we launch an entirely new publication is a remarkable opportunity for two college juniors. We have attacked each obstacle by reminding ourselves of our great fortune of such an incredible task: giving a public voice to the student body at NYUAD.
We believe that for NYUAD to fulfill its ambitions of becoming a top tier educational institution, we need an independent student voice, free of administrative oversight. 
By creating The Gazelle we aspire to fulfill the need for open discussion, reflection and informed analysis of this institution and the students’ place within it. This is a need that has existed since the inception of this university and that will continue to exist as more individuals come into and through NYUAD.
The process has required extensive research and endless hours of collaboration to develop a structure that is effective and sustainable. In doing so, we have benefitted from the wisdom of journalists in the region who have kindly offered us their time and advice, from the guidance of NYU journalism alumni whose encouragement and support of our efforts have fueled our determination over the past six months, and most importantly, from the fantastic team of students responsible for have bringing this publication to life. We are thankful for the courage and passion of our peers at The Gazelle, as well as for the continued support we have received from the staff at the Washington Square News, NYU’s daily student newspaper, who have helped us despite the nine-hour time difference and the thousands of miles that separate us, to create our own separate and independent publication with the students of NYUAD.
The content published in The Gazelle is intended to form a web of communication that weaves together the members of our GNU across the globe. We are proud to be working with such a wonderful team of writers, editors and photographers who produce the words, images and ideas of The Gazelle’s worldwide web.
Alistair Blacklock and Amanda Randone
Editors-in-Chief, 1st Managing Team
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