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FEED ME: Chhappan Bhog

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Graphic by The Gazelle
Chhappan Bhog
We’ll start this one by dropping some knowledge that may shock you: Al Ekram is not the only Indian restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Al Ekram is not even the only Indian restaurant on Electra Street. We’re not sure how Al Ekram became such an institution for the NYU Abu Dhabi community, but it’s time to let go, even if just for a minute, and expand your culinary horizons. Try venturing a bit further down Electra, to a small street behind the ADNOC building, where you’ll find the delightful Chhappan Bhog.
After dark, Chhappan Bhog is bustling with families, friends and couples grabbing dinner. Inside, there is a giant case full of sweets on one wall and the chaat counter on another. Behind that there is a small kitchen, that folds up killer dosa. There is seating both inside and out and the service is quick and friendly. Alternatively, pull up in your car and honk until a waiter comes out to take your order for a quick bite of chaat.
The menu is full of the types of treats and sweets one might find on the streets of Mumbai and the prices follow suit with almost all dishes below 20 AED. One of our personal favorites is the Coconut Rava Masala Dosa, which is so thick and crunchy that it almost resembles a potato pancake more than the paper-thin crepe that one typically expects. The chaat is excellent and always leaves us wishing there was a chaat counter on campus. If you aren’t familiar with chaat, go for the Dahi Raj Kachori and enjoy a towering pile of chickpeas, chutneys, potato, cilantro, spices, yogurt and crispy-crunchies, all inside a fried puri shell.
Krishan is also a big fan of the Pav Bhaji, a soft buttery roll served with a rich tomato-vegetable gravy, and we both love the Chana Bhatura, chickpea masala served with a large round of piping-hot fried bread. Herbivores take note because everything on the menu is vegetarian! For dessert order some Gulab Jamun, Kulfi Falooda or whatever looks prettiest in the aforementioned case of sweets.
Price: 25 to 50 AED for two Location: Behind the ADNOC Building, between Salam Street and Najda Street Cab Ride from Saadiyat: 25 AED Delivers to Saadiyat: No Serves Alcohol: No Accepts Credit Cards: For orders over 50 AED Phone: 02 677 8864 Recommended Dishes: Coconut Rava Masala Dosa, Raj Kachori, Chana Bhatura Perfect for: A cheap, filling and delicious meal with pretty much anyone
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