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The Winners of the Al Khayr Awards

On April 28, the NYU Abu Dhabi community of students, staff and faculty gathered at the Yas Viceroy Hotel to celebrate the third annual Al Khayr ...

Apr 30, 2016

Photo by Warda Malik/The Gazelle
On April 28, the NYU Abu Dhabi community of students, staff and faculty gathered at the Yas Viceroy Hotel to celebrate the third annual Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards. The purpose was to celebrate the accomplishments of students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities throughout the past year.
The nomination process for the awards ended on April 3. It was stressed that student leaders and student groups can be nominated by any member of the NYUAD community. After receiving the nominations, the finalists — and eventually winners — were decided by an Al Khayr committee comprising of faculty, students and Campus Life members.
NYUAD A2 Residential College Director, Robert Leary, discussed the nomination and selection process with The Gazelle.
“After the nominations are compiled, a committee comprised of students, faculty and staff members deliberates over them and determines the finalists and then winners,” said Leary.
“This takes a few weeks as the committee meets and discusses each nominee and then each finalist.”
Leary also elaborated on the fairness of the overall process that determines winners for the Al Khayr awards.
“We have made the process as fair and inclusive as possible — nominations are not votes, and the person with the most nominations does not automatically win,” he said.
He also added that the winners, from the list of finalists, are determined based on the quality of leadership contributions.
The Al Khayr awards features 12 categories, and only the winners for the President’s Service Awards were informed two weeks in advance since the ceremony was held in New York.
Note: The winners’ names are in bold.

President’s Service Awards

Dana AlHosani; Sofia Gomez-Doyle; Ritu Muralidharan

Al Khayr Award for Senior Leader

Noor Al-Mahruqi Clara Bicalho Maia Correia Beatrice Ionascu Shien Yang Lee Brenda Odhingo Farah Shammout Veronica Houk Dora Palfi Devin Ó Cuinn

Al Khayr Award for Emerging Leader

Yousra El Hassan Alexander MacKay Veronika Radinovska Raghav Kumar Hannah Melville-Rae Aisha Al Hemeri Ghaniba Ali Firas Ashraf

Al Khayr Award for Outstanding Student Collaboration

A5 Hall Council ADvocacy WeSTEM REACH Girls Education Network

Al Khayr Award for Community Service

Firas Ashraf Garreth Chan; Guillaume Sylvain Hannah Taylor Sofia Gomez-Doyle

Al Khayr Award for Humble Leader

Elizabeth Couri Sofia Gomez-Doyle Sam Ridgeway Dana Al Hosani

Al Khayr UAE Cultural Ambassador

Dana Al Hosani Victoria Blinova Mariko Kuroda Guillaume Sylvain Hayat Abual Hassan

Al Khayr Award for Sustainability

Kate and Hannah Melville-Rae

Al Khayr Award for Sportsmanship

Fredrik Jensen William Young Tamara Sanchez-Ortiz

Al Khayr Award for Spirit

Veronica Houk Yi Yi Yeap Angela Maria Orozco

Al Khayr Award for Entrepreneurship

Xuexin Cai Xinming Xu Xia Lu

Al Khayr Award for Diversity, Inclusivity and Dialogue

Isabelle Galet Lalande Djordje Modrakovic Alexander MacKay

Al Khayr Award for Healthy Living

William Held Carlos Alberto Escobar
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