Arabic Playlist

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Arabic Music: A Playlist

A playlist filled with Arabic tunes suggested by your fellow NYU Abu Dhabi students.

Here is a playlist filled with Arabic tunes suggested by your fellow NYU Abu Dhabi students.
Listen to the full playlist here.
Meen Gallek, Aziz Maraka Suggested by sophomore Mai Awamleh: “I feel I can relate to it personally.”
6 El Sob7, Hussien El Jasmi Suggested by junior Hazem Ibrahim
Rita, Marcel Khalifé Suggested by junior Dana Abu Ali: “I chose it because the singer is talking about a woman as if she’s a home, a religion and war all at the same time.”
Ya Bent El Nas, Aziz Maraka Suggested by sophomore Tala Nasser: “It was one of the first songs in Arabic that made me feel.”
Ghammad Einak, Cairokee Suggested by sophomore Donia Tamer Ismail
Wainek Min Zaman, Yazan Haifawi
Suggested by junior Kristina Stankovic
Ya Msafer, Ghalia Benali Suggested by senior Gabriel Torres
Shim El Yasmine, Mashrou' Leila | Erik Truffaz Quartet feat. Hamed Sinno Suggested by senior Kamel AlSharif: “Hamed Sinno’s voice is so raw, genuine and soulful. It is very groundbreaking because the words in the song are conjugated in such a way that challenges traditional notions of romantic relationships in the Arab world.”
Mesh Gader, Yazan Al Rousan
Suggested by sophomore Araz Aslanian: “A very close friend of mine sent it to me right before coming to NYUAD. It reminds me of the summer I spent with him before coming to college.”
Craziness, Abdulrahman Mohammed&Mohab Omer Suggested by sophomore Yazan Al-Ajlouni
Cigara Qabel Ma Nqoom, El Morabba3 Suggested by senior Jood Shiqem: “This song puts what is traditionally thought of as Western rock in conversation with beautiful Arabic lyrics. I like to listen to it when alone. Great for reflecting.”
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