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Students for Justice in Palestine On Recent Social Media Events

Students for Justice in Palestine offer their perspective on their SIG, and what they hope to achieve.

In light of the recent discussions that unfolded on our community’s social media pages, the Students for Justice in Palestine group feels the need to address possible misunderstandings.
SJP does not endorse a political solution. The struggle for justice, peace, human rights and dignity is, for us, not a political ideology. While many scholars, intellectuals, politicians and individuals may debate possible future solutions to the violence in the Palestinian territories, this is not the focus of our SIG. We value such intellectual discussions, but they are far removed from the daily realities of life in the Palestinian territories, and at present do nothing practical for Palestinians’ dignity and human rights.
Our group consists of a diverse set of students who, as individuals, hold political views. Our views fall across the entirety of the political spectra, ranging from one-state to two-state solutions, a federal state and non-state solutions. We disagree among ourselves on the nature of political organization that the southwestern corner of the Levant may ultimately reflect. However, we all agree on the following:
No peace will come while collective punishment is the norm, while checkpoints are in place, putting humans through humiliating procedures, while systematic water shortages make long-term planning impossible, while millions of refugees continue to live in displacement, while families are torn apart by an eight meter concrete behemoth, while farmers are stripped of their ancestral lands only to see settlements rise in their place.
In other words, no effective political solution can be devised until the human rights and dignity of the Palestinian people are respected under international law.
SJP exists to raise awareness of this reality in ways that help achieve practical solutions. Therefore, SJP as a group is not and will not be involved in discussions like the one that took place on our social media. Highly charged political dialogue on symbolism and free speech sparked by a drawing of a cat is unproductive to our group’s cause. The humanity of an entire people cannot be discussed in the context of a blackboard. As SJP we do not and will not legitimize a discussion which obscures a struggle for justice and dignity.
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