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NYUSH News Briefing

Discover what's been happening this week at our sister campus, NYU Shanghai.

Oct 30, 2016

####Chinese Olympian Ning Zetao Visits NYU Shanghai Famous in the athletic world for his swimming talent and known to the rest of the world for his good looks, Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao visited NYUSH on Oct. 21. Though his talk was conducted entirely in Chinese, the popular event drew crowds of NYUSH students and Ning Zetao fans outside the campus building. Ning Zetao talked about the importance of following one’s dreams as well as social responsibility.
####Happy Halloween: Carnival of the Dead Returns The Carnival of the Dead arrived in NYUSH for another spooky celebration on Oct. 28. Hosted by the Student Government Events Committee, the event included a costume contest, trick-or-treating around the campus building, horror movie screenings and the third annual installment of the NYUSH Haunted House.
####Lu Yang’s Exhibit Causes Controversy Last week, Chinese new media artist Lu Yang’s multimedia art installation made its home in NYUSH’s art gallery. Some students challenged the gallery’s loud music, flickering red lights and digital depictions of pain and torture. Other students claimed to be disturbed or triggered by the featured art. Lu Yang’s works have inspired discussion across campus as students wonder if this type of art is suitable for NYUSH.
####Tibetan Filmmaker Screens Movie Renowned Tibetan director Pema Tseden visited NYUSH on Oct. 22 to screen his movie, Tharlo. The film tells the story of a Tibetan nomad’s loss of identity. Tseden’s focus as a director is on sharing authentic perceptions of Tibetan lives and culture. NYUSH’s student publication On Century Avenue conducted a full-length interview with Tseden.
####Typhoon Haima Floods Shanghai Streets While Shanghai’s autumn is no stranger to near-constant rain, Typhoon Haima landed in Shanghai this past weekend and caused greater than average flooding. Trains from Shanghai to several southern cities were canceled, but services have since resumed. Taxi and Uber services were also slow during the storm as cars drove through streets flooded with water, which in some cases was up to knee height.
Savannah Billman is Editor-in-Chief of On Century Avenue. Email her at feedback@thegazelle.org.
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