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NYUSH News Briefing

Discover what's been happening this week at our sister campus, NYU Shanghai.

Nov 12, 2016

####And the Winner Is … Trump
SHANGHAI: Early in the morning on Nov. 11, NYU Shanghai students gathered in the second floor café along with faculty, staff and administrators to watch the CNN live stream of the U.S. election results. As the votes came pouring in throughout the day, the café remained full.
####Ally Week Stands Against Hate
Ally Week, aimed at discussing and giving voices to all groups of people, has been held this past week at NYUSH. The week kicked off on Oct. 7 with the Exploring Identity Through Art event, which gave students an opportunity to share their stories and express themselves through creativity and different artistic mediums. On Oct. 9, following the U.S. election results, the leaders hosted a panel dubbed The Rise of Global Intolerance, discussing what Donald Trump’s election and the rise of nationalist parties around the world means for those who identify as part of a minority. The week ended on Oct. 11 with a closing banquet and celebration of unity.
####FYI Shanghai To Host Flea Market
Student Life organization FYI Shanghai is hosting a flea market for students on Nov. 18. Those wanting to sell their goods at the market have the option of keeping the profits from sales or donating a percentage to Shanghai Young Bakers, a local NGO. In addition to buying and selling, the flea market will also offer card-making and snacks from Shanghai Young Bakers.
####Singles Day Fever Strikes China
The much-awaited Singles Day, on Nov. 11, finally arrived in Shanghai. Larger than the U.S.’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, the massive shopping holiday kicked off with a giant party in Shenzhen, China. This year’s Singles Day holiday featured technological advancements which allowed shoppers to browse for and purchase goods via virtual reality headsets, while also playing games to win prizes.
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