• University Senate moves for NYUAD seat despite GA concerns
  • García Márquez, always something left to love
  • Abu Dhabi Expands Bus Network
  • On the UAE and Public Art
Student Life introduces funding process for Student-Led Conferences

On March 4, the Office of Student Life announced a new application process for obtaining funding for student-initiated conferences. The process was introduced in order to keep such conferences innovative and creative. All conferences in the future must reapply for the funding annually. There are no guarantees for receiving funding the second time if a […]

Nicole Lopez del Carril
AD Secrets: Mirage Marine

Mirage Marine looks over the turquoise Abu Dhabi waters at the new presidential palace, an ivory and gold mass of domes. Aptly named for its spectacular view, the Mirage Marine offers a quiet and serene place to relax, read and escape the digital world. It is a must-see for visiting guests and perfect for both […]

Emma Leathly
Gulf Elite’s Negative Portrayal of Women

While discussions of Gulf Elite’s portrayal of women exploded after The Gazelle published the article “Gulf Elite Perpetuates Media Sexism” in October 2013, debate about the youth-led publication has subsided in recent months. As increasing attention is paid to the online magazine, notably in a recent article in The National, another analysis of Gulf Elite’s […]

Country Spotlight: Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy, is setting up for its third direct presidential election, following a legislative election on April 9, the results of which are to be released on May 9. In spite of the array of ethnic and linguistic groups that inhabit it, Indonesia has managed to build a distinct national identity […]

Kavish Harjai
From the Square: Non-tenured faculty make case for greater representation

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the April 18, 2014 issue of the Washington Square News, a student publication at NYU New York. It has been reprinted with permission as a part of an ongoing collaboration between The Gazelle and WSN to connect our two campuses.  Tensions rose at the last Senate meeting of the year when […]

Undefining Dubai

I have encountered the same scene many times while driving away from the Dubai International airport in an air-conditioned SUV. The euphoria on the face of my guests gives way to an air of unrestrained disappointment as we cruise along the 12-lane Sheikh Zayed Road, flanked on either side by glass-plated towers of Babylonian proportions. […]