• Shifting Identities in NYUAD Diaspora Communities
  • Clarification on Language Policy for Saadiyat Workers
  • Artist: Shamsa Al Dhahry
  • Stories of Gulf Perfume
A Conversation With New Arts Center Director Bill Bragin

Despite being the first executive artistic director at NYU Abu Dhabi’s Art Center, Bill Bragin defines himself primarily as a curator. One only needs to check his Twitter bio to see this — packed with a string of playful identifiers, it reads: “Imposing his taste on friends & strangers since 19xx. Agitador Cultural. Globalizer. Arts […]

Liza Tait-Bailey
Responding to Chelsea F.C. racism in Paris

This article comes from the Global Desk. PARIS, France — Commuters in Paris were shocked recently when a group of Chelsea F.C. fans prevented a black man from boarding the metro, chanting “We’re racist! We’re racist! And that’s the way we like it! We like it! We like it!” These fans, who were in the […]

Paid Internships On and Off Campus

As deadlines for summer funding approach, something looms in the backs of students’ minds: internships. These brushes with the professional world are considered a quintessential part of the college experience, providing a firsthand look at a potential career path. Some look to the prospect with nervous excitement for their already-secured positions. Some continue the search […]

Academic Updates: Suspension Policies, Writing Seminars and Summer Funding

At NYU Abu Dhabi, there are many university-wide policies guiding and checking our academic trajectories, often giving way to schedule deliberations, tricky courseload decisions and pass/fail anxiety. As these policies shift — or appear to — questions and confusion may arise. Clarification can never hurt, especially as rumors ripple across campus. Below are three academic […]

Hannah Taylor
Candidate Weekend Comes to Saadiyat

Many NYU Abu Dhabi students remember the familiar anticipation that leads up to Candidate Weekend — how, as soon as they received the email invitation, their thoughts were consumed by ideas about where they would be going and what they would be doing. The weekend itself may be exciting, nerve-wracking, tiring or likely a combination […]

Daniel Brown
Finding Acceptance in Fuzhou

“Gan bei!” I raised a glass of beer above the fish balls, crab legs, spring rolls and steaming hot pot for a cheers with a 78-year-old patriarch. I was having quite a lot of fun this Chinese New Year in Fuzhuo China with my host family — perhaps more fun than with my own family […]

Test Drive: Sugar Baby for a Month, Part I

Editor’s note: All names have been changed out of respect to individual parties. I first heard about Seeking Arrangement through Tom, a guy I was seeing in New York last Spring — or rather, through his Facebook page, which I happened upon one night while eating scrambled eggs for dinner like the broke NYU student […]