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Grega Ulen
Keeping Up Appearances
Animation by Megan Eloise/The Gazelle Adam Ramey’s article has already discussed some issues regarding the NYU Abu Dhabi no-smoking policy and brought up questions regarding the separation of academic and residential spaces on Saadiyat campus. Even though the two are physically and functionally set apart, the same rules and regulations apply to both, including the […]
The Cultural Appropriation of the Kurta 

I’m fond of the kurta — the name given to the generic South Asian dress. It is comfortable, beautiful and fashionable. When I arrived at NYU Abu Dhabi last year, I came across a few non-South Asians, mostly Westerners, wearing it and it left me largely unbothered. This year however, I have become more and […]

Asyrique Thevendran
Google’s University Outreach Coordinator for MENA Speaks at NYUAD

On Sept. 20, the newly-formed Google Students Club at NYU Abu Dhabi hosted their kick-off event, a talk by Malak El Masry, Google’s University Outreach Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa. El Masry introduced the Google Student Ambassador Program and gave the audience a peek into the daily life of Google staff in […]

AD Secrets: Maya La Chocolaterie

Rejoice, chocolate lovers! If the vending machine Kit-Kat bars or the mini Mars you pick up at the campus convenience store fail to meet your expectations, grab some friends and head to Maya La Chocolaterie. The assortment of well-crafted desserts at Maya will not disappoint those with a soft spot for the bittersweet treat. Despite […]