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President Hamilton’s Response to BDS is unacceptable

In a historic move, the NYU Graduate Student Organizing Committee, a union that represents roughly 1,200 graduate students, recently voted to endorse and join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, a global non-violent movement aimed at challenging Israeli apartheid. The BDS movement calls for NYU to withdraw from Israeli academic institutions involved in the violations […]

Chris Wheeler
In Defense of Student Government

About 20 minutes into a meeting between the current and new Executive Board members this week, an incoming member paused for a few seconds, then said, “You guys actually do so much stuff behind the scenes.” This person’s sudden realization perfectly encapsulates what our biggest problem has been with Student Government this year — people […]

The Global Citizen’s Glossary: A First Year Edition

There is something remarkably ordinary about the day before your life changes forever. It was mid-August, and we were packing. Well, my mother was. I was sprawled out on my bed, soaking in its familiarity and comfort. In my limited understanding of university life, I pictured dorm residences as foster homes from the Victorian Era, […]

Megan Eloise
Increase in Counseling Services on Campus

On May 4, the Dean of Students Kyle Farley announced, in a campus-wide email, that the Student Health and Wellness Center would now be fully staffed, with three counselors available for students. Dr. Rami Nizar Alshihabi will work as the new Director of the New York University Abu Dhabi Counseling Center. Dr. Vedrana Mladina and […]

Remembering Rubén

Photo courtesy of NYUAD On May 3, theater students received an email from the Head of Department Rubén Polendo, informing them of his imminent departure from NYU in Abu Dhabi. Starting in the Fall of 2016, Polendo will be the new Chair of Tisch Drama at New York University. Embodying the liberal arts spirit, Polendo […]

The Cab Fare is Worth it: Abu Dhabi and Urban Fetishization

Abu Dhabi has an uncanny feeling about it. It is similar to many other places I’ve been, and might bring back bad memories for anyone who was born and raised in U.S. American suburbs and tried to escape by coming overseas. Astounding demographic diversity can be found in the city, even if everybody is not […]

The Gazelle Staff
The Weekly Graze: Summer Reading

Here at The Gazelle, we work hard to bring you interesting, informative content that you can enjoy and engage with. But as we head off into the summer and are freed from our responsibilities, we plan to catch up on things to read apart from The Gazelle articles. Here are some of them in hopes […]