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Riaz Howey
Attitude Holds Largest-Ever Dance Recital

40 student dancers and 15 guest dancers performed at Attitude’s, a Student Interest Group, largest-ever dance recital. Dancers and spectators from Abu Dhabi joined the NYU Abu Dhabi community in the event, which was attended by over 200 people. “I really enjoyed the recital and found it inspiring and well organized,” wrote Alfonso “AlFunky” Perfetto, […]

Faculty’s Choice: Best Music

This article is a part of The Gazelle’s series Faculty’s Choice. Every week, we will ask various faculty divisions about the most influential or significant works in their field. This week, we asked the Music faculty for their top 10 albums, compositions or recordings.  Omar Shoukri Ludwig van Beethoven — Symphony number 7,  Allegretto, second movement, […]

Mario Zapata
Meeting the Staff: Virginia Danielson

I sat with Virginia Danielson, known as Ginny at NYU Abu Dhabi, in her improvised office by the Research Center in the library. It was almost unnoticeable that her original office was flooded some weeks ago and that she has had barely any time to accommodate to the new space, judging from the amount of […]

Reggaeton Is Not The Problem, Misogyny Is

  Last summer, a group of Colombian graphic designers organized a campaign against reggaeton, a genre that combines various elements of hip-hop with Caribbean and Latin American music and rose to prominence over the last decade. Initially popular among the working class in Puerto Rico, it was soon adopted by Latinos in the U.S.A. and […]

Performance and Memory

I’ve had the same song running through my head for three months. I don’t know why I haven’t tired of it yet. It’s nothing special. But it’s there. When you hear a song, do you remember the first moment you encountered it? Maybe on the radio while driving on a dusky highway, or softly as […]