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  • Student Petition Leads to Dialogue with Residential Education
  • A Conversation on Compliance with Erum Raza
Muhammad Usman
Hijacking Malala

  Malala Yousafzai, the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, has become a symbol. Like most symbols, she will be used to pursue different agendas by different groups. We need to make an effort to recognize how different groups use Yousafzai in order to understand what her story is, why some people believe […]

Reduced Student Government Budget Leads to Smaller SIG Budget Allocations

    Student Government Fall 2014 budget allocations to Student Interest Groups generated discontent among various SIG leaders. In spite of the increased size of the student body and increased membership, many SIGs were allocated smaller budgets when compared to previous semesters. This comes as a result of Student Government’s overall budget being reduced by […]

Tessa Ayson
Photos of New York

  This article comes from the Global Desk, a collaboration between The Gazelle, WSN and On Century Avenue. Read more by searching ‘global.’ I realised a while ago that I’ve barely taken any photos in New York. For some reason, my usually obsessive drive to document has been sidelined. I think there are several causes […]

Emirati Feature Kicks Off Abu Dhabi Film Festival

  On Oct. 23, Emirates Palace Hotel hosted the kickoff event for the eighth Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Award-winning Emirati director Ali Mostafa opened the festival with his film “From A to B.” Since its inception in 2007, when it was known as Middle East International Film Festival, the event has aimed to promote the […]

At crossroads: Education in the UAE

  One of the greatest challenges that the UAE faces today, which has to a large extent been successfully addressed, is the establishment of a sustainable economy and the diminution of its reliance on energy resources. One of the most current catchphrases in modern economic discourse in the Emirates over the past decade has been […]