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24 Hour Film Race

2016 AD – Robson Beaudry Beginning at midnight on April 22, seven teams embarked on one of the most beloved traditions at NYU Abu Dhabi: The 24-Hour Film Race. The teams had until midnight on April 23 to write, film and edit a short film of no more than three minutes and 36 seconds. The […]

Sebastián Rojas Cabal
Sunday Sketches, XV

Sebastián Rojas Cabal is managing editor. Email him at feedback@thegazelle.org.

Chivalry: Outdated and Unnecessary

So much has changed since chivalry was a thing. The social, moral and religious codes of chivalry were developed around the 12th century, and the word itself only came into existence around the 14th. It’s now the 21st century and chivalry in that sense is not really a thing anymore. I see chivalry as the […]

The Winners of the Al Khayr Awards

On April 28, the NYU Abu Dhabi community of students, staff and faculty gathered at the Yas Viceroy Hotel to celebrate the third annual Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards. The purpose was to celebrate the accomplishments of students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities throughout the past year. The nomination process for the awards ended […]

The Gazelle Staff
The Weekly Graze

Here at The Gazelle, we work hard to bring you interesting, informative content that you can enjoy and engage with. But what do we read when we aren’t in production every Saturday, working late into the night? The Weekly Graze is a series in which The Gazelle’s staff members pick their favorite written pieces from […]