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The Mizzou controversy and its faint echoes at NYUAD

Over the past two weeks, student protests at Yale University and the University of Missouri have made national headlines in the United States. Protesters decried the treatment of students of color, who are a minority within largely white student bodies at Yale, the University of Missouri and other U.S. universities and colleges. According to protesters, […]

Dominique Lear
NYUAD Debate Teams see success in Hong Kong, Oxford

Following months of preparation that involved weekly debates as well as guest speakers on specialized issues, NYU Abu Dhabi broke into to the semifinals at the Hong Kong Debate Open and to the finals at the Oxford Inter-Varsity Debating Competition. This marks the first time NYUAD has progressed into the semifinals at Hong Kong as […]

Artist: Vivi Kawas

Sophomore Vivi Kawas is a literature major who is interested in exploring the abstract through writing. Kawas believes that pushing the boundaries of language helps us “see what emotions, what thoughts or what ideas it can reveal.” If unlocked, language reveals the ways in which “we can try to understand ourselves and the world around us […]

5 AM Conversations: Religious and Cultural Contexts
, and

It’s five in the morning. The six of us have been crammed in a conference room for the past 20 hours studying for finals. All it took was one question, and that was it — the apocalypse. Water bottles flew in the air, white boards were pulled out, emails were sent to professors while maps, […]

Belmin Mostic
Not So Special Snowflakes

Congratulations! You receive your acceptance letter to NYU Abu Dhabi, and the tingling emotions created by the flapping butterfly wings in your stomach propel you into an ecstatic feeling of accomplishment and self gratification. Congratulations! You arrived on campus, only to receive countless speeches of praise all promising that you are here for a reason, […]

Cheap beaches in Abu Dhabi: uncovered finds

Abu Dhabi is home to some of the prettiest white-sand beaches in the Emirates. Though there are few public beaches, and prices often vary on weekdays and weekends, private venues can still offer good deals that fit a student budget. The Gazelle compiled a list of beaches around Abu Dhabi for NYU Abu Dhabi students […]

Kristina Stankovic
Navigating Second-Language Relationships

At a school where languages and dialects frequently mix, expressing emotions can require its own unique form of translation. Regardless of what language you speak, feelings always have to be converted into words, and these words need to be as easily understood as possible. What happens, however, when your significant other does not speak your […]

Warda Malik
Les Ambassadeurs: Music of Revolutionaries

The East Plaza pulsated with the melodies of rich, electrifying music as a crowd welcomed the Malian band Les Ambassadeurs to the Arts Center stage on Nov. 18. The event was led by Bill Bragin, director of the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center, who began the show with a few words highlighting the significance of […]

Paris Terror Attacks Prompts University Response

On Nov. 13, a series of terror attacks rocked the city of Paris. Beginning at 9:20 p.m. local time, suicide bombers and gunmen carried out seven coordinated attacks, killing at least 130 people. The largest of these was at the Bataclan Concert Hall, where armed attackers opened fired on a crowd of 1500, killing at […]